Technologies Overview

The technical competence of our teams spans a wide array of areas of expertise. The core technologies in which our teams have skills are:

.NET Development

Build your complex .NET software application with Fortech and benefit from a consistent pool of experienced .NET engineers ready to accommodate any requirement throughout the project life cycle.

Java Development

Recommended by their deep know-how and eagerness to tackle any complex project, our Java specialists can assist you in the development of custom Java solutions for many areas of application.

C/C++ Development

For desktop, web, mobile or embedded applications where speed is the norm, rely on us. Our C++ experience covers electric vehicles, 3D vizualization software and speech recognition software, among others.

Javascript Development

Use Fortech’s full-stack javascript development services to built scalable, dynamic and modern web applications. Achieving the highest quality software is a matter of aligning culture, good processes, and teamwork.

Python Development

We provide Python development services to businesses looking for rapid prototyping and development of their idea and companies that build complex and feature-rich web applications.

Other Technologies and Frameworks