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Crafting Mobile Apps for Healthcare and Helping Others Grow with Catalin, Team Leader

Cătălin Prața discovered his passion for Mobile Development back in 2010. Ten years after, he’s a Mobile Team Leader and continues learning while helping others grow. Discover Cătălin’s career journey, the healthcare project he is currently working on, and the Fortech Mobile Community he is leading.

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Daniel, Senior COBOL Developer, on Mastering Your Software Craft

Daniel Vrannai joined Fortech 10 years ago. He saw the company’s growth from 100 to almost 1000 colleagues and is proud to leave a mark in this story. Read about his passion for solving complex technical challenges and the joy he found in mastering the software craft he’s building.

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Laura, Product Owner, on Comebacks and Finding the Right Career Path

For Laura Vaida-Strilciuc, Fortech's warm, friendly culture and can-do mindset were the main reasons for rejoining the team after five years away. Below, she talks about navigating her unconventional career journey in economics, audit, and IT. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode, meet Laura.

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Designing UIs for Millions of People Worldwide with Daniel, Front-End Team Leader

Six years after joining Fortech as a Front-End Developer, Daniel Stoian leads a team working on a major project for the consumer electronics industry. His team's work reaches millions of people every day. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Meet Daniel, Front-End Team Leader.

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Marius, Software Architect, on Sharing Knowledge and Helping Others Grow

Marius Cristescu has been with Fortech for 10 years and one pandemic. He worked on more than ten projects and grew his passion for mentoring his teammates and teaching young tech enthusiasts. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode and catch some words of wisdom from our dear bunicu’.

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On Keyless Cars, Empowerment & Growth with Alina, Senior Java Developer

The rapid career growth perspectives are why Alina Bolindu, now Senior Java Developer decided to choose Fortech over a multinational company. Meet Alina, #BehindTheCode. Read about the "keyless cars" project she worked on, the team she's mentoring, and where she's headed.

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Sabin, Software Architect, on Connected Cars, Microservices and Continuous Learning

Sabin Chirila has been a key person in Fortech’s growth in Oradea in the last 5 years. His professional journey brought him to a double-hat role as Software Architect and Team Leader. Discover his passion for sports, reading, microservices, and continuous learning together with his team.

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Emil, Project Manager, on Learning as a Team & Managing Priorities in Automotive Projects

In 11 years at Fortech, Emil Niculai has worked his way from .NET Developer to Software Architect and Project Manager, tackling technical challenges in automotive, fintech, and eCommerce projects. From his current role, he promotes a healthy growth mindset within his team. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode.

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Csenge, Senior Software Tester, on Teamwork, Coaching and Exploring New Career Perspectives

Csenge Tomita joined Fortech in 2015 to launch her software testing career. Years after, she’s a Senior Software Tester and Team Leader and continues exploring new perspectives in her professional development. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode.

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Ioana, Team Leader, on Crafting Software and Growing Together with Her Team

Ioana Nistor’s journey with Fortech started six years ago. Since then, she dedicated herself to crafting her professional path in software development while helping her teammates grow. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode.

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Developing Digital Journeys in eCommerce with Emil, Java Tech Lead

Emil Moise, one of our first colleagues in Brasov, played a key role in the growth of our Fortech Brasov office from 1 to 50+ team members. Five years into his Fortech career, he's a Java Tech Lead, and he is getting trained to become a Coach.

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Alex, Senior iOS Developer, on Teamwork and Out-of-The Box Thinking in IoT Projects

One of our first colleagues in Iasi, Alex had a valuable contribution to the stable growth of our Fortech Iasi office. His expertise and passion for software development as a craft led to high customer satisfaction and several successful projects.

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