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Data Governance and Interoperability of Healthcare Information Systems – The Role They Play in Innovation

To better understand how data governance fits into the interoperability of healthcare information systems, let's first look at what data governance refers to.

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Take Digital Innovation from Concept to Implementation

A new perspective and a digital strategy became mandatory to any consulting firm that aims to stay competitive in the market. Explore how, partnering with a software services company, a consulting firm can meet the clients’ growing expectations in terms of digital transformation.

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Streamlining Manufacturing Processes by Leveraging Smart Manufacturing Software Solutions and Services

Discover with Fortech how smart manufacturing software solutions unlock crucial capabilities that are foundational for the success of smart factories. For manufacturers, smart manufacturing software represents significant opportunities for gains in efficiency and productivity.

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Meet the Fortech Mentors @DPIT Academy 2022

Continuously supporting the local tech community, we're thrilled that our partnership with the DPIT Academy continues for the 8th year. As the program will end in October, we talked with our colleagues about this mentorship journey and what inspired them to join the challenge. Let’s meet the Fortech mentors and their teams!

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The Contribution of Smart Manufacturing to the Progress of Sustainability

Learn how digitalization is transforming all industries and technology’s role in this transformation. Regarding the manufacturing industry, the decision to invest in digital technologies has yet to be made in many companies, so finding a reliable technology partner specializing in this sector would be a natural first step toward the future.

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Stabilizing the Manufacturing Industry by Leveraging Smart Manufacturing

Digital transformation within the Industry 4.0 sphere enhances data connectivity on various levels with the explicit goal of improving the performance of businesses, supply chains, production planning, execution, and monitoring. In such cases, software engineering solutions for the manufacturing sector are the key to the sustainability of factory systems.

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Silviu, Senior Java Developer, and the Courage to Change and Become Better Everyday

Meet Silviu, an energetic Java Developer and Sports passionate who had the courage to change and re-invent himself both professionally and personally. Get a glimpse of #BehindTheCode. Find out how Silviu blends his passion for software development with the joy of mentoring and the sports lifestyle.

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Healthcare Interoperability Software: What to Look for in a Tech Partner

Discover what to consider before choosing a tech partner when addressing innovations such as healthcare interoperability software. Assessing all aspects in detail and tackling them with an experienced healthcare software development provider is imperative when attempting to understand how to achieve interoperability in healthcare.

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Recommendations on How to Improve Interoperability in Healthcare

Healthcare Interoperability can be challenging from a software development perspective. Therefore, establishing a checklist outlining the key implementation factors we should consider is crucial. Explore our recommendations in this article.

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6 Benefits of Interoperability in Healthcare: Placing HealthTech at the Heart of the Delivery System

Why is interoperability so important to the healthcare industry, and what impact does it have on healthcare providers' delivery systems? As you will discover in the following article, it is all about the benefits. Learn more about them and assess which ones you still need to accomplish.

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Aurelian and His Fascinating Journey from Software Engineering to Software Architecture

Meet our colleague Aurelian Maga, an accomplished Software Architect with more than 20 years of experience. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Read about Aurelian’s career journey, the eCommerce projects he is currently working on, and his lifelong passion for software development.

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Digital Innovation is Reshaping the Healthcare Software

Do you know what can keep medical systems away from problems? It’s not rocket science, it’s just risk awareness and predictability. Read the article and find out why you should expect the unexpected.

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