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Ioana Bejan, on Pursuing Excellence as a Business Analyst

Meet Ioana Bejan, Business Analyst at Fortech, a GlobalLogic Company. Explore with us Ioana’s story and discover how computers impacted her life since she was a second-grade student.

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Paul Avram, Search Engineer, on His Tech Journey from Gaming to Copyright Detection

Explore Paul Avram's journey from a gaming enthusiast to a skilled Search Engineer. Proficient in Python and Elasticsearch, he tackles copyright infringement detection, is committed to project data management, and fosters a goal-driven culture in a diverse team at Fortech.

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Alex, UI/UX Designer, on Becoming the Mentor He Always Wanted to Have

Let's delve deeper into our UI/UX community and take an insightful peek at it through Alex's story. Learn more, right from him, about the importance of taking on a mentoring role and the benefits of developing this kind of supporting relationship inside your team.

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Meet the Teams Mentored by Fortech @DPIT Academy 2023

Over the past months, our colleagues from the Cluj-Napoca and Oradea offices have guided their teams in the DPIT Academy program. We asked the mentors about their products, how the mentorship experience enhanced collaboration and communication during the products’ development, and their biggest challenges encountered along the way. Let’s find out more about their journey!

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Unveiling the Synergy: Connecting Digital and Business Strategies for Real Estate Technology Adoption

To stay competitive in a rapidly changing market, companies must recognize the transformative potential of technology. Find out why the strategic alignment of digital and business strategies can lead a company to success in the real estate industry.

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Mircea Mihalea, on Merging Roads Between DevOps and Engineering Management

Meet Mircea Mihalea, DevOps Engineer and Engineer Manager at Fortech. Explore his story and professional growth as he uncovers the blend between technological innovations in the automotive industry and effective team leadership.

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Victor Corchez – Software Architect at Fortech, on Playing with Smart Gadgets

Join us as we explore the story of Victor Corchez, a Software Architect at Fortech, a GlobalLogic Company. Discover his current project, which revolves around the creation of internet-connected smart devices.

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Training to Employment: Alexia’s Journey as Business Analyst at Fortech

Explore Alexia Gosu's transformative journey from Pre-Employment Training to full-time Business Analyst at Fortech. Discover the benefits, challenges, and inspiration for young professionals pursuing similar programs, emphasizing dedication, curiosity, and growth opportunities.

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Exploring the Frontiers of AI: A Look Into the Current State of AI in 2023

This article is a vital source for understating the current landscape of AI technology while addressing the complex “black box” challenges.

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7 Questions on “Swift” with Iurie Guțu, Senior Mobile Developer

Iurie Guțu, Senior Mobile Developer and Engineering Manager at Fortech, rocked the Main Stage at The Developers Conference 2023 in Cluj-Napoca with a “Swift” presentation. Check out this article to discover more about Iurie's experience as a speaker at this event and gain some valuable advice for tech-savvy developers.

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Building Solar Plant Management Software with Loredana Felecan, Senior .NET Developer

Have an in-depth look at the tech stack, challenges, and responsibilities involved in building solar plant management software through the eyes of Loredana, a Senior .NET Developer at Fortech, as she talks about her role, project features, and ongoing development.

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From Early Beginnings to Technological Innovations: Tracing the Evolution of AI Throughout History

As AI continues to evolve, its potential use cases are almost limitless, and it will play a significant role in shaping the future of technology and society. Thus, it is crucial that its development and deployment are aligned with ethical principles and the wellbeing of the society as a whole is a priority.

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