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As a software outsourcing company, we have a clear multi-step approach for setting up any outsourcing project. Firstly, we define the scope of the project and your needs. Here, we strive to learn and understand your business and address your pains and questions.

By learning all these aspects, we set the base for a well-defined, transparent, and predictable relationship.  At the end of this stage, we can suggest a technical solution that best fits your needs.

Then, we start the delivery phase. It comprises of multiple steps, beginning with the team set-up and knowledge transfer. After, we go through all the phases of the software development process, in sync with the stage of the project.

These include defining requirements, designing the architecture and the requisites, developing and testing the solution, and performing deployment and integration.

Furthermore, if needed, we can quickly develop a prototype or an MVP at any time.

Usually, In the delivery phase, we use Agile methods and DevOps. Also, we follow a fine-tuned software quality process. Delivering fast and at a high quality is part of our culture.  

Lastly, you can rely on your outsourced team to assist with the long-term maintenance of your project. Also, as your software reaches the market, you might need to add new features or change existing ones. Therefore, your outsource QA testing team can support you with upgrades or any other needs you might have.

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Choosing were to outsource your software projects and what to focus on when selecting a software outsourcing company can be difficult. Read in this section our key takeaways for software outsourcing as gathered from our clients in 20 years of experience.

Specifically, learn about the advantages of outsourcing to Romania. Also, explore the benefits of outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca, one of the most popular locations for IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe.

Lastly, discover the benefits of using dedicated software teams in software outsourcing and see how to choose your software testing partner.

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