Software Projects Showcase

Digital Commerce Software Platform


150+ People

10 Years (ongoing)

Speech Recognition Platform


30+ People

8 Years (ongoing)

Smart Parking Prototype

Internet of Things

6 People

 6 Months (ongoing)

Electric Bicycle Software Suite

Internet of Things

45+ People

6 Years (ongoing)

Solar Inverters Monitoring System

Internet of Things

3 People

4 Years (ongoing)

Software Platform for Fleet Management

Automotive, Internet of Things

5 People

2 Years (ongoing)

3D Product Visualization with Real-Time Interaction


11+ People

6+ Years (ongoing)

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) System


50+ People

8+ Years (ongoing)

Car Connectivity Platform

Automotive, Internet of Things

 18+ People

 4+ Years (ongoing)

Vehicle Design & Development Tool


27+ People

7 Years (ongoing)

Online Marketplace Framework

Business Services

5 People

1,5 Years

They Chose Us

  • T-Systems
  • Symantec
  • Pfizer Vienna eMarketing
  • Swisscom
  • Renault Technocenter

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