Case study

B2B Marketplace for Lab Testing Services


  • A web-based marketplace connecting customers with laboratories providing test services for food packaging. 
  • The precise requirements for food testing were translated into the web platform allowing customers to select laboratories best suited for their analysis needs.
  • Integrations comprised communication and payments.

Angular 7, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP 7 (Symfony 4), NodeJS/Nest, MariaDB


Software Development, DevOps, Maintenance


Team Size

3 Years





Our client has extensive expertise in the field of chemical analysis for food-safe packaging certification.

The solution designed by our client and developed by our team is a marketplace that allows test laboratories to set up their webshop for chemical and biological analysis services. Companies interested in analysis services on materials in food packaging and their interaction with the food itself can access the marketplace to find a suitable lab.

Within the platform, the laboratories advertise their substance analysis services and capabilities. These kinds of analyses are highly parameter sensitive and are performed utilizing various processes that must be specified when requesting the service. The platform offers, among extensive information about the different types of analyses available, business support features like a payment module and communication options. Our dedicated software development teams also worked on a modern UI that makes the platform user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The project was developed using four layers:

  • Presentation layer
  • Service layer
  • Business layer
  • Data access layer


The ongoing collaboration between our companies started in 2018. It resulted in a platform that facilitates the connection between the companies in the food and packaging industry looking to analyze and improve their packaging with laboratories that certify the materials used in food packaging.

Entrusted with the design and development of the online B2B marketplace, our team has organized the project delivery based on Agile-Kanban methodology, allowing for constant communication and full transparency of work performed and associated costs.

After analyzing the requirements, the architecture design and the implementation technologies were decided. Continuous integration was instrumental for unit testing and frequent deployments.

Client Benefits


Fortech implemented testing procedures and set a working methodology.

Autonomous Dedicated Team

Autonomous product engineering team, that shares the responsibility of product delivery. 


The team translated our client’s vision into a practical software tool and helped him take it to market in deadline.