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The Pilot Program of the IT hiSchool Training Series in Hindsight

Our mission to support educational initiatives drives us to constantly propose ideas that add value to our community. This year, we launched a pilot program designed to give high school students the opportunity to practice what they learn in school in a real work environment. The first edition was a great success.

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Training to Employment: Alexia’s Journey as Business Analyst at Fortech

Explore Alexia Gosu's transformative journey from Pre-Employment Training to full-time Business Analyst at Fortech. Discover the benefits, challenges, and inspiration for young professionals pursuing similar programs, emphasizing dedication, curiosity, and growth opportunities.

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Mircea Mihalea, on Merging Roads Between DevOps and Engineering Management

Meet Mircea Mihalea, DevOps Engineer and Engineer Manager. Explore his story and professional growth as he uncovers the blend between technological innovations in the automotive industry and effective team leadership.

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Victor Corchez – Software Architect, on Playing with Smart Gadgets

Join us as we explore the story of Victor Corchez, a Software Architect. Discover his current project, which revolves around the creation of internet-connected smart devices.

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7 Questions on “Swift” with Iurie Guțu, Senior Mobile Developer

Iurie Guțu, Senior Mobile Developer and Engineering Manager, rocked the Main Stage at The Developers Conference 2023 in Cluj-Napoca with a “Swift” presentation. Check out this article to discover more about Iurie's experience as a speaker at this event and gain some valuable advice for tech-savvy developers.

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Building Solar Plant Management Software with Loredana Felecan, Senior .NET Developer

Have an in-depth look at the tech stack, challenges, and responsibilities involved in building solar plant management software through the eyes of Loredana, a Senior .NET Developer, as she talks about her role, project features, and ongoing development.

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Andrei Moga, on the Perfect Blend Between Technical and Business Experience

Andrei Moga, Senior Software Architect and Engineering Manager, perfectly blended his technical and business experience into a successful career path. Read this article to learn how Andrei found his passion for technology as a child and integrated it into his professional and personal life.

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From Criminal Law to Software Development

Meet Bogdan Mușuroia, a former criminal law clerk turned Junior Java Developer. He followed his passion for problem-solving and switched to software development after attending the Automotive Bootcamp program. Discover his story.

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Ruxandra, Senior Salesforce Developer, on Balancing Competitiveness and Sensitivity

Ruxandra Oprea, Senior Salesforce Developer, is an impressive colleague who excels in the very technical field while wearing the softer hat of mother & wife at home. Find out in this article how Ruxandra found an inspirational blend of passion and work in her professional Salesforce career.

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Aurelian and His Fascinating Journey from Software Engineering to Software Architecture

Meet our colleague Aurelian Maga, an accomplished Software Architect with more than 20 years of experience. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Read about Aurelian’s career journey, the eCommerce projects he is currently working on, and his lifelong passion for software development.

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Crafting Software Projects and Career Paths with Daniel, .NET Software Architect

Daniel Bran has been a key person who contributed to the Oradea team’s growth from 12 to 120+ people. As he is eager to evolve and help others do so constantly, his career path brought him to a double-hat role as a Software Architect and Engineering Manager. Read about Daniel’s growth journey.

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Designing UIs for Millions of People Worldwide with Daniel, Front-End Team Leader

Six years after joining Fortech as a Front-End Developer, Daniel Stoian leads a team working on a major project for the consumer electronics industry. His team's work reaches millions of people every day. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Meet Daniel, Front-End Team Leader.

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