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Emil, Project Manager, on Learning as a Team & Managing Priorities in Automotive Projects

In his career, Emil Niculai has worked his way from .NET Developer to Software Architect and Project Manager, tackling technical challenges in automotive, fintech, and eCommerce projects. From his current role, he promotes a healthy growth mindset within his team. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode.

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Ioana, Team Leader, on Crafting Software and Growing Together with Her Team

Ioana Nistor’s journey started many years ago. Since then, she dedicated herself to crafting her professional path in software development while helping her teammates grow. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode.

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Vlad, Senior Java Developer, on Crafting Business Intelligence Software for the Automotive Industry

Vlad Iliescu joined Fortech as an intern over six years ago. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Read about his involvement in a complex project for the automotive industry and the steep learning curve that it gave him.

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Streamlining Manufacturing Processes by Leveraging Smart Manufacturing Software Solutions and Services

Discover with Fortech how smart manufacturing software solutions unlock crucial capabilities that are foundational for the success of smart factories. For manufacturers, smart manufacturing software represents significant opportunities for gains in efficiency and productivity.

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Scaling the Industrial Manufacturing Processes Through Production Planning Software

Production planning software has taken an increase in demand since the global pandemic took the industry by storm and left numerous plants without their workforce. Digitizing processes, products, and services through automation is part of the digital transformation roadmap for the manufacturing industry.

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Stabilizing the Manufacturing Industry by Leveraging Smart Manufacturing

Digital transformation within the Industry 4.0 sphere enhances data connectivity on various levels with the explicit goal of improving the performance of businesses, supply chains, production planning, execution, and monitoring. In such cases, software engineering solutions for the manufacturing sector are the key to the sustainability of factory systems.

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Python Libraries for Machine Learning and AI: Getting the Most Out of Python Development Services

What makes Python the best programming language for machine learning and AI? Learn why Python is more and more popular among developers.

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Speech Recognition in Banking Helps Build Customer Loyalty

Speech recognition offers the banking industry the potential to streamline customer relationships and build loyalty. Integrate this technology with financial software development services as talking to a device is fast becoming a part of our daily routine.

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Car Retail in the Automotive Industry

In a sea of changing trends, the future of automotive retail requires brands to do more than just move online. At Fortech, among other frameworks, we leverage AEM in order to create digital experiences tailored to the automotive industry. To facilitate this automotive digital transformation, brands need modern, reliable, and secure websites that appeal to the end-user and support the current car buying process.

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Connected Car Software Development: How to Get it Right

To overcome the challenges and pitfalls of connected car software development OMEs turn to specialized automotive software development companies. This article outlines some of the challenges and pitfalls that manufacturers need to be aware of and highlights how they overcome them.

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Mobility as a Service (Maas) is Shaping the Future of the Fleet Management Software

Automotive software developers now need to consider MaaS when developing software platforms for fleet management. Technological advances, telematics, and new legislation have reshaped the transport industry in the last decade and now ride-hailing and car-sharing fleets that enter the market are doing the same.

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Digital Banking Made Easy with AI

Financial organizations need to automate their processes by developing personalized lending and credit scoring systems to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and enhance user experience. Learn more about what might AI change in back-office processes and improve in customer experience and how can AI transform the financial ecosystem.

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