Communication Application for Care at Home

Contributing with our mobile expertise to an innovative product designed to improve seniors’ healthcare and their quality of life


  • Home-care innovative application to monitor seniors’ health status and medication plan.
  • Mobile version developed with the latest technologies.
  • In line with the information security standards in the field of healthcare.

Team Size: 2 People

Duration: 1 Year (ongoing)

Technologies: iOS: Objective C, Swift/ Android: Kotlin

Services: Software Architecture

Trends: Telemedicine


The solution is a communication application used by care institutions to monitor the health status of their elderly patients. It is an efficient alternative to physical visits to the doctor when it isn’t possible or should be avoided for health reasons. The application:

  • Enables video calls with health professionals
  • Displays availability of the care team
  • Includes features for medication plan
  • Provides a secure connection that meets the information security standards in the healthcare industry.

Regular video calls give doctors and caregivers the power to work more efficiently with the patients and have straight-to-the-point conversations. At the same time, the patients are encouraged to take ownership of their health state and care. In this way, elderly persons stay independent for longer and benefit from an improved quality of life.


The end-client is a leader in the Dutch market of home-care innovation products. Their smarts products and services empower seniors to live more independently, constantly monitor their health status, and prevent a major health incident.

The Fortech team is responsible for the mobile development of the application. We are right at the beginning of our collaboration. Over this first phase, our healthcare software development team migrated the application from the Azure platform and managed to fix critical issues that appeared during the transition process.

Working in an Agile setup and close to the Product Owner, the team gives their best to improve the app’s features and functionalities.

Client Benefits

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