Case study

Demo App for Nurse Call Systems (Sales Prototype)


  • Innovative demo Web application showcasing product capabilities without being connected to a complex hardware system.
  • Highly accurate replica of the functionalities, used for tests before releasing new features in production.
  • Full ownership of the nearshore team for the technical solution.

.NET Core, Angular 2+


Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, UI/UX, Project Management


Team Size

3 Months





The client’s product is a complex nurse call system that empowers caregivers to focus their time more on patient’s needs and less on routine tasks (like manually documenting rounds or responses to patients’ calls). Besides the added value brought to the patients, the solution improves hospitals’ everyday operations. Medical centers register increased efficiency and involvement of staff and better rates of patients’ satisfaction.

Fortech’s software engineers were involved in developing the demo application used by the client’s sales team. Before integrating it into the sales process, the client’s representatives faced many challenges to prove the capabilities of the product. A sophisticated system like this needed, for most of the time, a visit to the hospital or a heavy suitcase stuffed with devices (monitor display, interphone, or call centers) to perform a proper demonstration.

Driven by creativity and enthusiasm, our team succeeded in capturing the essence of an entire enterprise system into a single web app. The application proves the product’s capabilities without being connected to the hardware system. It runs on a laptop and is a highly accurate replica of its functionalities.


Our client is a world-class manufacturing company in workflow and life-safety solutions for healthcare and educational institutions. The company, established in the US, has a solid reputation as a tech innovator, built over almost a century of existence.

The Fortech team worked closely with the client’s engineers to understand the product and develop an elaborated prototype app for an effortless and improved sales process. They had full ownership of the technical solution they envisioned and implemented.

The demo web app covers a series of scenarios based on real-life situations, helping, at the same time, hospital managers to make documented decisions on staff workflow.

Being a highly accurate replica, the demo application also serves as a beta testing product. New features were tested on the demo app before release and integration into the final product.

Client Benefits


Innovative solution built with a minimum technical effort from the client-side.


Flawless demo application developed with modern technologies.


Software engineers with a strong technical background and solution-oriented mindset.