Case study

End-to-End Digital Innovative Solution for the Mental Health Sector


  • The platform helps clinicians reduce errors through auto-populated fields and advice during the completion process.
  • High level of transparency for completed data – source of data, access history.
  • The forms are securely shared, and only authorized people can access the data.
  • Available on desktop, tablet, or mobile with no difference in user functionality.

Front-End: Angular, React

Back-end: NodeJS, MongoDB


Software Development, Project Management, DevOps


Team Size

1 Year





The software is an end-to-end digital solution that facilitates the completion of Mental Health Act (MHA) forms. The platform allows approved mental health professionals and third-party users (e.g., law enforcement) to complete, share and store dozens of documents required under the Mental Health Act.

Previously, the forms were completed on paper and usually sent by post between institutions, which severely affected the time frame in which patients received access to immediate specialized care.

The team at Fortech focuses on the development of two key areas of the digital solution:

  • Forms necessary for the second opinion appointed doctor (SOAD) service

The SOAD service protects patients’ rights subject to the Mental Health Act. In the UK alone, approx. 16.000 requests for second opinions are issued annually. The use of digital forms has significantly reduced waiting time for patients, from days to hours, as SOADs can review specific MHA forms online through the platform. In just one month, for 1.000 patients, the time saved adds up to 18 years.

  • Forms field by law enforcement officers

We are collaborating with law enforcement to digitalize the process of completing and sharing the forms filled by officers under the Mental Health Act.


The team at Fortech covers the development process of the software solution.

Our engineers took over the project after the client separated the development and QA teams and was looking for an agile software development partner with high-quality code goals and strong capabilities in front-end and back-end technologies.

Built using Angular by the previous team, the platform is now being migrated to React. In the meantime, the engineers at Fortech are also tasked with maintaining the initial infrastructure, bug fixing, and architecture services to have a stable and reliable product.

Additionally, our team set up a software testing process for the client and improved the project management process.

Client Benefits

Data Protection

The platform offers a 90-day hold period after which the data are either encrypted or deleted.


The submission process is easy, and it significantly reduces the administrative load for doctors, AMHPs, or nurses.


The software uses Microsoft Azure App Service ensuring high availability times.

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