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Taking steps to the Next Level in Software Outsourcing

In a recent interview for bne IntelliNews, Calin Vaduva, our CEO, offered a brief perspective on Fortech’s evolution over the last 12 years. He also mentioned about our long-term prospects for the software outsourcing segment.

We are glad to gain attention from an international media operator like bne IntelliNews, which has been covering emerging Europe for more than a decade, reporting not only business growth stories in each country but also the opinions of the market players in each story.

Fortech in Business New Europe Magazine

As a reliable provider of software outsourcing services, Fortech has been constantly self-adjusting to bring relevant capabilities to the market. We started with „a team of 5, a lot of ideas, but no customers and little money”. Our focus was on establishing a constant presence in mature markets, which have strengthened our business understanding as well as our pursuit of technical excellence. We have slowly grown from a provider of custom software development to a real technical partner for our customers. The level of technical expertise and business maturity we enjoy today allows us to take on high-level roles in our projects.

Fortech’s business strategy has also changed over time, as the company grew from a small organization where employees knew each other personally to a large company with over 500 software developers and software testers.

Furthermore, Mr. Vaduva talked about our most important levers of growth and the company’s boom between 2005 and 2008, a period of global economic downturn.

Fortech’s CEO ended the interview with a statement which calls us all to action to reach our most audacious goal so far.

“We have a new challenge now – to prepare for the jump to 1,000 or 2,000 people.”