Patient Data Management Tool for Nephrologists

Multiplatform Solution for Healthcare Providers.


  • The solution allows the user to access patient data from a web browser, a smartphone or tablet
  • Intuitive interface for physicians to quickly review patient details and add real-time input
  • Integration with the U.S.’s national FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Team Size: 18 People

Duration: 2 Years (Ongoing)

Technologies: .NET Core, Angular 2+, Java, SQL, Swift, Protactor, Kotlin, Apium, JMeter, Mobile AQA

Services: Software Development, Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Agile Coordonation

Trends: Electronic Health Records Integration


A web and mobile medical application designed to help nephrology healthcare providers to document patients visits, keep track of monthly check-ups, consult the patient’s entire medical history through complex graphs and charts and sign billing orders.

The solution offers advanced practice providers the possibility of reviewing medical records (labs, medications, allergies, lab results) in real-time and update the EHR by adding new data through virtual notes.

Built for Android and iOS, the app gives authorization to physicians to sign-in remotely to record a consultation or validate patient treatments that are submitted in clinics by nurses.


We have started the project with an agile and custom healthcare software development team that is integrated into an international project set-up. The cross-skilled Fortech team (Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Mobile Developers, Manual and Automation Engineers, and a Scrum Master) has a balanced seniority level and all the skills required to deliver the unique features of the app:

  • Best-in-class EHR and management software for nephrology practices
  • 24/7 access to medical records including medication, allergies, and appointments

The project is currently released with a target to reach thousands of users in the next period. Fortech’s team is building the API, Web Platform, Android, and iOS apps using the latest technologies and trends.

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