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Polus Center Cluj Launched its New Website with Fortech

Fortech has recently completed the development of the new website for Polus Center Cluj, the largest commercial center in Transylvania.

Polus Center is owned by IMMOFINANZ, the largest listed real estate company in Austria with a focus on investments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Polus Center Cluj Website

Image Source: Polus Center Cluj

The website needed a full transformation. This included a renewed structure and functional changes, combined with a refreshing look to reflect online the complex experience that Polus Center is aiming to provide to its visitors.

„Our new website was designed to reflect and enforce the overall concept of Polus Center, which aims to re-create the center of a city under one single roof,” said Doriana Comaniciu, Senior Marketing Manager, Polus Center Cluj.

From the best retail selection to a variety of services and entertainment opportunities, the complex brings them all in one place to provide its visitors with a complete experience. In this equation, a digital „home” that mirrors the richness of the physical one plays a significant role.

”We chose Fortech due to its good reputation, strong offer and competitive pricing. Working with a professional team of developers, testers and designers enabled us to reshape our online identity. The team handled proactively all the changes that we requested throughout the project so that we can offer a memorable end-user experience. They have truly been sharing our mission to improve customer experience, coming with optimal solutions at every stage of the project”, completed Doriana Comaniciu, Senior Marketing Manager, from Polus Center.

The website acts as an information „hub”, gathering a broad range of content. The focus was to develop a stable website, more user-friendly and less restrictive towards content management than the previous one.

”We are so proud to have worked with Polus, in their effort to replace the old website with a more dynamic and versatile alternative”said Dan Petric, Business Unit Manager at Fortech. „Our challenge was to complete the project fast, as it needed to be ready and functional before the winter season. Fortech was in charge of the design, development, testing and deployment of the new website. Working closely with the client has been crucial in making things run smoothly.”

Fortech’s excellent collaboration with Polus Center Cluj is set to continue in the near future. It gives us great pleasure and makes us grateful to have had the chance to work with a brand that has such an impact in our local community.