Case study

Streamline Operations for a Talent Acquisition Company with Salesforce



The solution leverages the power of Sales Cloud from Salesforce to create a link between people searching for a job in the blue-color market and the agencies/companies looking for skilled professionals. Our client uses the Salesforce sales process for acquiring and qualifying leads, creating opportunities, and linking opportunities with available jobs.


Fortech’s certified Salesforce team was tasked by our client, a company active in the talent recruitment sector to:

  • refactor the existing codebase and make it compliant with the Salesforce best practices and avoid errors;
  • recreate the integration paths with the portal to make the solution scalable and available for extension into other areas.

To complete these tasks, the team at Fortech used a mix of Point-and-Click (low code) solutions and well-known APEX integration patterns to ensure that the processes are performant and in sync with the business flows.