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20K EUR Donation Following Fortech Moving Challenge Program

As the 5th edition of our internal wellbeing “Moving Challenge” program just ended and the common target to unlock a CSR donation has been reached, we are glad to support two educational projects through a total of 20k EUR donation.

  • More than 980 participants enrolled in the program, over 50% being from the Fortech Team.
  • We reached over 610k km in biking, running, and walking activities during these six months of the program.
  • 20.000 EUR were donated to two causes: Magic Association and Something New Association.

As the 5th edition of our 6-month internal wellbeing program ended, we are glad to announce the two causes that will benefit from the total of 20k EUR project’s donation. Both initiatives were proposed and voted for by the Moving Challenge participants out of a total of 22 causes:

  • The “MagicEDU” scholarships, a program implemented by Magic Association. Fortech will donate scholarships worth 10k EUR for children returning to school after fighting with illness and needing support to recover after all the time spent in hospital for treatment.
  • The Something New Association’s educational programs which aim to help the children in the rural area of Dezmir to access a proper education and improve the conditions under which they learn. We will also support them with a 10k EUR donation.

As sustaining education initiatives is one of the main pillars underlying our community involvement, we appreciate being part of such a worthy cause, and we must avow that our involvement in education projects continues beyond here. It is a long-term commitment we take so we nourish all actions that aim to improve education both locally and nationally.

We are grateful that we can contribute to such important educational projects and have the opportunity to support the development of the local community in such a way.
For more than five years, we have managed to involve more and more colleagues in our Moving Challenge project, and working together towards a common goal of doing good in the past two years truly motivates the program’s entire gamification context.

I am proud of the entire team that chose these two associations and the causes that benefited from Fortech’s support this year.

Alexandra Achim, HR Lead Fortech, a GlobalLogic Company.

About Moving Challenge

The Moving Challenge is a 6-month sports program organized annually by Fortech, a GlobalLogic company. It started five years ago as an internal initiative and gradually grew to over 50% of Fortech’s team involved as participants in this latest edition. The 2023 edition had 6 gamification levels and involved 3 physical activities: running, biking, and walking.

This year, there were invited external participants as well, in an invitation-only format: Fortech alumni and friends, GlobalLogic Romania, and GlobalLogic Slovakia participants.

From the initial need to find new sustainable transport options for our colleagues and provide them with a proper context for increasing the engagement rate within the team, we also wanted to combat the lack of physical activity caused by working from home. And, eventually, turn the whole initiative into an Employee Wellbeing program to help us improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of as many of our colleagues as possible.

The 2023 edition of the program started on May 1st, 2023, and ended on November 1st, 2023, and its main goal was to encourage the participants to go outside daily and practice biking, running, and walking.

I enjoyed the Moving Challenge so much that I earned three times more points than what was required to reach the last level. The program motivated me to move daily, and I spent about 4 hours a day running, cycling, and walking, which was almost like a part-time job. It was a wonderful experience that I will surely miss.

Cătălin Duluș from Oradea Fortech Team, 1st place in Moving Challenge leaderboard. He moved over 8,600 km during the program, an impressive feat that showcases his determination and resilience.

The CSR Layer

In addition to the main objective of employee wellbeing, the Moving Challenge program also has a CSR layer, which is unlocked when reaching a joint 250.000 km team target (total number of kilometers combined from walking, running, and cycling). When this target is unlocked, Fortech will donate 10k EUR and pay 0.25 EUR for each additional KM (up to another 10k EUR), leading to a total 20k EUR donation for the 2023 edition. This year’s results made us overjoyed: we exceeded the common team target we set, by 1.4 times.

All donation causes and NGOs are proposed by the participants themselves, who also have the final vote for the cause or causes to which the money goes in the end.

This year, the NGOs with the highest number of votes that will be supported with 10k EUR each to develop their great educational projects are Magic and Something New associations.

Fortech colleagues involved in the Moving Challenge program.