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A Message from Our Company to Yours and the Entire World

COVID-19 is turning out to be one of humankind’s most formidable threats in modern history. In a split second, it has challenged and changed the very fabric of the world as we know it. Every single economic sector and every single individual are now being called upon to bring their contribution, to reinvent their roles in society and, most importantly, to take care of one another.

In this context, I wanted to personally reach out, on behalf of Fortech, to keep you updated on the ways in which we are shouldering the global effort to reclaim our world from the pandemic’s grip.

First and foremost, our heartfelt thoughts are with those already impacted directly or indirectly by the virus. We also salute and honor the efforts of the frontline medical workers, researchers, public health experts and public servants who are tirelessly and selflessly waging a courageous fight for all of us. Their determination and tenacity, along with their remarkable effort is inspiring to us all.

Secondly, at Fortech, we have developed a risk mitigation plan that covers three essential dimensions: health measures, business continuity, and stability. We have taken decisive actions very early on before the outbreak had even reached Romania, driven by our relentless focus on our staff’s safety and our clients’ success.

Healthcare: Our Number One Priority

Same as everywhere else, our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our colleagues as well as of the broader community, while we remain committed to delivering our projects at the highest standards. Since the beginning of February, a dedicated Health Awareness Team has been effectively running a robust internal communication campaign including, among others, providing access to medical care on demand. Travel restrictions have been implemented and the entire team has already migrated to working from home.

I’m glad to share that, as a result of these measures, all our colleagues are healthy, and the business is operating at full strength. Despite these challenging and rapidly evolving conditions, we do not foresee a significant impact on our ability to deliver to our clients at the highest levels of performance, availability, and security.

Ensuring Business Continuity

In the past 16+ years, Fortech has been a reliable tech partner for hundreds of clients, both large and small. Our commitment to the market is that we will do whatever it takes to maintain our level of reliability and adaptability as we navigate these critical times. We’ll continue to stand side by side with our clients, ready to provide any support needed for their technical projects. We pride ourselves on being 750+ people at Fortech, all bound together by the belief that technology can play a pivotal part in overcoming this challenge.

In support of our market commitment, we have developed a clear risk management strategy that is already being executed on. Among others, we have formed an internal task force in charge of modeling and implementing various crisis response scenarios. We have adjusted our service delivery model to support co-located virtual teams at scale, drafted contingency plans for leaves, identified critical staff functions and ways to ensure operations continuity in the event of a disruptive incident.

What Keeps Us Strong and Stable?

  • Our internationally seasoned leadership team, battle-tested in the previous economic downturn with an average work experience of 20+ years;
  • A core of mature tech leaders, architects, full-stack software engineers, and client executives, many of which are with Fortech for over ten years;
  • Mature processes and long-standing experience in working in distributed teams, which have enabled a smooth transition to remote work at scale. Being away from the office does not impact how we work or the quality of our deliverables;
  • A strong blend of full-stack engineering skills and next-gen tech know-how backed by strong agility and quality practices refined in almost two decades of interaction with demanding international markets and clients;
  • Our culture anchored in the values of respect, reliability and service excellence, which continue to drive us in every single action we take;
  • The appropriate financial stability to run our business without significant disruption;

Looking Ahead

Although the hardships of the present moment demand most of our attention and effort, we believe it’s paramount to also stay focused on what’s next. At Fortech, we are confident technology and innovation will surely play a major role in the process of stabilization and recovery following the pandemic. As society and economy will transition back to normality, we will all have the chance to unlearn, relearn and, based on a wider, renewed perspective, build a better future for our community. It’s something however that can only be accomplished in unity. At a time when social distance is the norm, the old saying “united we stand, divided we fall” never rang truer.

Thank you for your partnership and trust in Fortech. We’ll make sure to keep you updated and know that we are always here for you.

Calin Vaduva, CEO Fortech