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Advanced Java Workshop at Fortech

A well-known Java expert who loves to share his know-how through workshops and lectures was in Cluj-Napoca in November for several events. We seized the opportunity and invited Peter Lawrey to offer a half-day workshop on advanced Java topics at Fortech . He gladly accepted the invitation and joined us on Nov 26, 2014.

Peter Lawrey owns the popular “Vanilla Java” blog, which exceeds 100K page views per month. He is also the 2nd on for [concurrency] and the 3rd for [Java] and lead developer of the OpenHFT project.

Advanced Java workshop with Peter Lawrey

His advanced Java workshop attracted many Fortech specialists, who greatly improved their knowledge on:

  • Using collections like Map, Set, ConcurrentMap, NavigableMap, List, Queue, BlockingQueue and Deque effectively;
  • Using thread pools and fork join;
  • Asynchronous processing and exception handling;
  • Using Lambdas in Java 8 for lazy evaluation and parallel coding;
  • Using off heap memory with ByteBuffer;
  • The Java 8 JSR-310 Date Time library.

Here are a few words we got from the attendants after the event:

“Many thanks to our special guest Peter Lawrey for an inspiring workshop. We have dived into real-life Lambdas, spectacular JIT optimizations and some under the hood Java “illegal” APIs.”

“Peter Lawrey’s training seemed very interesting to me. It was obvious Peter is an expert in Java from the issues he touched, which cannot be found in typical Java books. He made jokes now and then to loosen up and enliven the atmosphere. It also seemed interesting to me to have a foreign trainer. From my point of view, this workshop was more than useful and so would be any other training sessions offered by Peter, which I will definitely attend if offered the opportunity.”

Such enthusiastic reviews made it clear that workshops like this one are perceived by our specialists as excellent ways to stay up to date with the latest developments in their areas of expertise and thus improve their results at work and become accomplished professionals. Since relying on excellent specialists is among Fortech’s driving forces, offering such events as often as possible will remain a priority for our HR department in the years to come.

As a top Java development outsourcing company with Agile practices and years of providing Java development services, Fortech creates custom Java applications that support businesses and have long-term success.

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