Case study

Electric Bicycle Software Suite

Project Highlights

  • The eBike onboard computer is one of the world leaders in its segment.
  • Fortech provides the full stack solution – embedded application, a web portal, and mobile applications – with a team of 60+ software engineers.
  • Fast team ramp up from 3 to 60+ members.


The core product is an HMI (Human Machine Interface) of an eBike powertrain that consists of the battery, including the charger, and the drive unit, including the gearbox – engine.

The solution is a complex infrastructure that implements the software running on the device connected to the electric motor and all the dependencies related to the connection to end users’ mobile phones and persisting information in the cloud. It consists of four software components: an embedded application, mobile applications (Android and iOS), an online REST API server and an online portal. Primarily, the software provides users with relevant information about routes and biking activity.

Some of the highlights of the device include usability (high-quality design, large color display), functionality (e.g. built-in navigation engine, map information downloads and installation, automated system for updates check), integration (communication with mobile devices and online data synchronization) and security (IoT security standard compliant).


As a technology partner, Fortech implements all the software components of the eBike system.

  • The embedded application, which shows exercise-related information to the user, like speed, distance and calories burnt and displays live information coming from the sensors.
  • The online platform used for persisting device information and to generate statistics based on that.
  • The mobile applications, which enable users to send routes, adjust the level of assistance the eBike provides and receive push notifications about calls, messages or music player activity.
  • The online communication, done via mobile apps, using custom built Bluetooth tethering implementation or direct Wi-Fi connection.

The eBike has been publicly launched onto the market and enjoyed a great response from consumers and industry reviewers. The project is currently in a maintenance and enhancement phase, with new features being added at a fast pace.

Client Benefits

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