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Fortech is Ready to Accelerate the Next Level of Team Size Growth

COVID-19 altered every person’s reality overnight. Individuals, cities, economies, countries, and continents have experienced the shock of lockdown and the fear of the unknown. Like many other companies, Fortech has been cautious yet committed to a gradual comeback as the crisis abates. The journey ahead is still risky and uncertain, but we are confident and eager for our strong return and accelerated growth.

Despite the pandemic’s magnitude, we have been equipped to carry on safeguarding our team and continuing to support all our clients at the highest standard of agility and productivity.

In the upcoming months, we plan to add 80+ new colleagues to our team, strengthening our delivery arm, and responding to the need of new business ventures. Read on for more insights about our focus pillars and career opportunities.


Fortech Returning Stronger

Staying Strong and Stable

  • Long-term collaborations and active projects. As a result of the successful collaboration with 30+ long-term partners and new business relationships started this year, we are working on over 130 active projects.
  • Multiple revenue streams without liabilities. Despite the challenges and rapidly evolving conditions, our team operates at full strength without impacting our commitment to being a reliable tech partner for our clients.
  • Mature team with strong expertise. 75% of our colleagues are mid-senior software developers, tech leaders, and architects with an average tenure of 5+ years within Fortech.
  • New opportunities and investments. Our sales team has been busy building a pipeline of 200+ opportunities and closing new deals with clients ranging from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Austria, Denmark, and Romania. We are also on the lookout to fund new investments in the healthcare and fintech industries.

Keeping our Team and Communities Safe

The health and safety of our colleagues and our local communities remain a top priority.

Since the beginning of February, our dedicated Health Awareness Team (HAT) has been the driving force behind all office safety measures. They will remain a core structure of our healthy home/office environment.

The team made a remarkable display of agility and efficiency in the past months. From organizing dedicated Q&A sessions with SMURD paramedics to sending timely updates on government decisions. They have also been going above and beyond to ensure that we apply the highest safety measures for those colleagues who want to work from the office a couple of days per week. We frequently disinfect all our open offices, provide single-use masks, and host health awareness training for those returning (10% of our colleagues are working from the office). Social distancing is kept throughout the workplace.

With a supportive appreciation for our local communities, we will continue to lend a helping hand to healthcare providers and doctors who play a critical role in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.

Embracing the Future of Work

COVID-19 has hastened the pace of the unfolding future of work. The future of work is here.

With that in mind, at Fortech, we have been taking significant steps to build out the necessary frameworks that support the changing needs of our colleagues and the overarching business landscape.

One of these essential pillars is our Hybrid Home/Office Model, which we are carefully building and plan to roll out starting next year. This model includes our revised remote work policy, a readjusted approach of our real estate footprint, a new performance management approach, employee wellbeing initiatives, and the necessary tools to support it. The biggest change will be making working from home, at least part of the time, the new permanent standard.

Alexandra Achim - CHRO“We need to look at this new context as an opportunity for positive change. We will act differently as individuals and organizations. We will adapt processes, practices, and policies. We will encourage retraining and skills development (reskilling & upskilling). We will stay connected, online, or in a hybrid way of working. As HR department, our focus for the next months is to keep the human element alive in our work relationships and the current workspace. I am confident that our core values – Respect, Reliability, and Striving for Excellence – the foundation of what we have managed to build so far will help us overcome the new challenges.” – Alexandra Achim, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Focusing on Growth and Future Investments

We are in the fortunate position to announce new career opportunities in Fortech and team size growth across all four of our Delivery Centers (Cluj, Oradea, Iasi, and Brasov).

We plan to grow our delivery strength by adding software developers with expertise in technologies such as Java, .NET, React, Angular, Full-Stack, C/C++, DevOps and Automation QA and interest in making their mark in industries like healthcare, fintech, and automotive, our top strategic areas.

Our stability and breadth of IT expertise of the past two decades make us confident in scouting for viable new investments as well. We are looking to consolidate more joint ventures, like AIPERION, and fund ground-breaking ideas in the startup ecosystem.