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Fortech Distinguished with Two Employer Branding Awards

The first edition of the Employer Branding Awards Gala brought two significant accomplishments to our team:

  • Third Place for the Employer Brand of the Year for Large Companies and
  • Third Place for The Best Employer Brand Video.

Fortech is the only Romanian company that qualified and won a place on the podium in the two most competitive categories with the “Craft& Grow. Together.” campaign we launched last year.

Fortech team (“Craft & Grow. Together.” campaign protagonists: Agota, Daniel, Vencel & Csenge and Ana – Employer Branding Specialist) and KOMITI co-founders (Vlad and Marius).

We are proud and honored to receive these awards at the Employer Branding Awards Gala, organized by Evensys and Employer Branding Conference Romania. Out of 123 participants and 111 nominalizations, Fortech is the only Romanian company that qualified and won a place on the podium in the two most competitive categories with the “Craft& Grow. Together.” campaign we launched last year. Interestingly enough, these awards were granted while our new campaign “Stories of Craft”, a second part of the last year’s, is live and enjoys great engagement both online and offline.

This recognition acknowledges our efforts and commitment to building a thriving, performance-oriented, and inclusive community.

About “Craft & Grow. Together.” Campaign

Last autumn, we launched Fortech’s people promise and employer brand positioning together with our new tagline: “Craft & Grow. Together”. Our brand story embodies the essence of Fortech’s culture: a place for software crafters who can build their own paths while helping others grow.
More than 70% of our team got involved in the various stages of an extensive research project that represented the groundwork for uncovering the essence of our culture and packaging it in a visual story.

We are software crafters at heart, and what better way to describe this than through the experiences of our team members. To do so, we selected four remarkable stories of colleagues who dreamt about technology from an early age: Agota, Daniel, Vencel and Csenge. These stories are an ode to the curious and the adventurous, the rebels and the loud ones, the challengers and status quo shakers of yesterday. They are the software crafters of tomorrow.

The main video of the “Craft & Grow. Together” campaign, awarded with the third place in the Best Employer Brand Video category.

4 stories, 17 colleagues and 14 actors, over 36 hours of filming, over 400 selected photos, and great teamwork with our production partners – the KOMITI creative agency. This sums up the making of our “Craft & Grow. Together.” Campaign.

Additional to the main video, we created a short video story for each pillar of Our People Promise. We combined the stories with infographics with concrete proof points that detail how each pillar is lived inside Fortech:

Our campaign had a great resonance both for our team and the local community. Our colleagues were extremely proud of seeing their teammates “on the big screen” on social media and on the billboards in Cluj-Napoca.

Samples of the outdoor activation of the “Craft & Grow. Together” campaign.

“I am so happy that Fortech received these awards. This shows me that we, as people, strive to have a more human approach in everything, and this is why we value and reward it. This makes me happy. I’m in Fortech 8 hours a day, and I can see the way our company is evolving, maturing, and growing through us. Everything, from the employer brand slogan to the videos, were carefully selected to reflect who we are striving to be every day. Many (by many I think hundreds of) people poured in pieces of their souls in this campaign so we can bring out the reflection of who we are. All of us. Every day.Csenge Tomita, QA Engineering Manager.

“Having the experience of being on a movie set was nice, but meeting new awesome colleagues was even nicer. It’s like finding a hidden gem. Winning a prize for this was just a bonus. I’m glad I was part of this journey.Daniel Mocan, Software Engineering Manager.



We wanted to extend the key concept of last year’s video – the stories of our past that shape our future in a new campaign. We (as software crafters) carry stories with us, from our origin, up to the present. The stories about curiosity and passion for technology. The stories that change the rules and shatter the expectations. The stories that bond us and put us on the same path, no matter where we are coming from.

This is how we designed this year’s campaign, an extension of the awarded one. It is Fortech’s “Stories of Craft”. Watch here the main video. Here are the videos for each of our regional offices: Brașov, Iași, and Oradea. Enjoy!

What’s Your Story?

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