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Fortech’s Software Developers Achieve HL7 FHIR® Certification

  • Fortech’s software developers earned a certificate of knowledge proving proficiency in FHIR, the next generation interoperability standard intended to facilitate the exchange of healthcare information electronically
  • The HL7 FHIR® (R4) Proficiency Certificate confirms the company’s expertise in the newest and hottest HL7 standard
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Fortech is honored to announce that a team of its software developers had received their HL7 FHIR® Certifications, an essential step in addressing interoperability in healthcare projects developed by the company for a global client base. Interoperability gives physicians better access to critical health information due to the ability of EHRs and other medical systems to exchange data. Thus, our dedicated software teams are ready to be part of the future of digital health and continuously fight to improve their skills.

Each candidate attained the distinction of HL7 FHIR® R4 Proficiency Exam following a combination of an intense multi-month training course, practical experience, and study.


Oana Oros Client Executive at Fortech“As health data interoperability becomes essential in the medical sector, we find it crucial to learn and enhance our knowledge regarding data standards, information exchange, and reconciliation challenges. We want to be a tech partner who can operate with speed and insight to design, develop, and test secure software that uses HL7 FHIR interoperability standards. The certification demonstrates that our healthcare software development team has a good understanding of the fundamental concepts of FHIR and attests to their proficiency with the FHIR standard specification.” – Oana Oros, Growth Manager.

An HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) Proficient badge holder demonstrates knowledge of FHIR specification, relationship with HL7’s Versions 2, Version 3 and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®), business cases for FHIR® adoption and future plans.


“This certification, through the competencies we’ve gained during the preparations for the HL7 FHIR®R4 Proficiency Exam, offers us a solid knowledge base for developing software that goes beyond the limits of the document-based interoperability that most of the healthcare providers now rely on.” – Camelia Benchea, Software Developer.

Healthcare professionals around the world look at FHIR® as a way to unlock data and emphasize on the importance of data exchange during patient care. According to SAP, 52% of healthcare executives agree that data sharing between providers, payers, government, and the healthcare industry will have the most significant impact on improving the patient experience. Leveraging the power of software, will enable healthcare practitioners to move patients’ data around, understand their medical context and ultimately coordinate care plans that transcend the boundaries of systems.


Sandra Molnar | HL7 FHIR® Certification“For me, as a software developer working on custom healthcare software development projects, being able to deepen my understanding on how FHIR works, and its impact on the future of health data interoperability was not only a highly rewarding experience but also a natural step forward.” – Sandra-Beatrice Molnar, Software Developer.

Developed by Health Level Seven (HL7) International, FHIR® is a next-generation standards framework that facilitates the exchange of healthcare information. Healthcare providers can make extensive use of FHIR® as it is suitable for mobile and cloud-based applications and electronic health records (EHR)-based data sharing systems.

About Fortech

Fortech is a top Romanian software development company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca. With a workforce of 800 people, Fortech has been repeatedly recognized by Deloitte, EY, and Forbes for its fast-growing, entrepreneurial journey.

With expertise and a strategic focus across healthcare, financial services, automotive sectors, and more, we cover the end-to-end software lifecycle development to deliver the innovation, scalability, quality, and speed our clients need.

Our approach to software engineering combines strong technology and process know-how, Agile delivery methods, and a blend of code quality practices and metrics refined in almost two decades. Since 2003, two hundred clients chose Fortech as their tech partner.

Fortech Implements Major CSR Strategy on Healthcare

Fortech offers to the city of Cluj-Napoca 7 AEDs that will be acquired and placed in key public places. The CSR campaign offers a new window of understanding the needs in the healthcare sector.

Fortech Contributes with 20.000 EUR for SMURD

Fortech supports the unconventional Beard Brothers in their initiative for buying an ambulance for SMURD. The internal campaign was active in all operational centers from Cluj, Iasi, and Oradea.

Fortech Receives „Internal CSR Campaign” of the Year Award

Fortech wins the “Internal CSR Campaign” of the year award. Through the “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart. Restart One” campaign, the company raised funds to acquire and install defibrillators.