Case study

Vehicle Design & Development Tool


  • Live migration of an application for vehicle design and development planning, from old technology to future trends.
  • It required the preservation of the functionality while adhering to new coding standards.
  • Fortech took full ownership of the project and accountability for the success of the migration, with a team of 15 software engineers.


Similar to a PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) software, the product is a planning system used for vehicle design and development processes. It contains approximately 200 forms integrated into the main application window and structured into categorized menus.

Fortech performed a live/progressive migration of the entire solution to a new framework, by working on each form of the application individually. To perform the live/progressive migration, we created a framework written in .NET that allowed us to run the old application forms as plugins in the .NET platform, in parallel with the new .NET C# forms.

The team at Fortech successfully implemented the corresponding .NET forms, while bringing new UI standards and styles to meet the user interaction needs.


Initially written in older technology, the highly-used software required a mandatory upgrade before the support for that technology was discontinued.

The application was constantly running and could not be stopped for the migration, challenge that our client could not handle internally.

Through constant communication and regular meetings with the client, the automotive software development nearshore team at Fortech successfully understood and handled every aspect of the project migration, including specific tasks related to the business logic of the application.

All delivery milestones were met, and we are currently offering support in a maintenance phase. Additionally, we started a new project for the client and our team is currently developing a series of PoC (Proof of Concept) applications in the Xamarin framework.

Client Benefits


Constant uptime for the application throughout the entire migration.


Better loading times for different forms and shorter execution times for processes.

Improved UI

With new UI standards and styles.

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