Automotive & Manufacturing

Complete Platform for Car Connectivity, Control and Authorization

Software platform built for a premium OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), an important player in the Automotive industry. The software enables car connectivity, control and authorisation services and connects in real time millions of vehicles with external content providers.

Software Platform for Fleet Management

Complete centralized software platform for optimizing fleet management through vehicle status monitoring. Fortech ensures the full lifecycle delivery of the project in an Agile environment.

3D Product Vizualization With Real-Time Interaction

The software is a high-end tool for 3D real-time product visualization that optimizes the value chain for automotive leaders. It enables the digital simulation of a product, such as a car or an aircraft, and can also simulate the actual human experience with the product.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) System

Software tool that documents the product management process for car manufacturing over the complete product lifecycle. For each model series, the documentation is created at a central system and then distributed to the manufacturing plants.

Technology Migration for Vehicle Design & Development Tool

Similar to a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software, the application is a planning system used in the design and development processes of vehicles. The team at Fortech migrated live the system from old technologies to the .NET framework, while adding performance improvements and a modern UI.