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Qt World Summit
Insights from Qt World Summit – Berlin, 2017
Between the 10th and 12th of October, the Qt World Summit was for the third time on our radar. I was glad to be once again among the delegation of Fortech representatives at the event, along with two of my colleagues – the head of IoT Department and one of the Qt lead developers in Fortech. This year, the event returned to its traditional location – the bcc (Berlin Congress Center) in Berlin, after being held in San Francisco last year. Qt WS is the most important yearly event in the Qt
Volteem App
Volteem – Volunteers Can Change the World!
Volteem is an application that enhances and facilitates the collaboration between volunteers and NGOs. The idea for creating the application emerged when a team of five passionate high-school students – The Happy Coders – came together as part of the educational program “Discover Your Call in IT”. From there and until the end of the program, they developed an advanced Android prototype of the app, while gaining both technical know-how and soft skills. Ranked 1st in the program’s en
Fortech at the Spring I/O 2016 Conference
Spring I/O 2016 Highlights
A delegation of six Java engineers attended this year’s edition of Spring I/O, the largest European conference on Spring, held in Barcelona between the 19th and the 20th of May. The event included two days of keynotes, presentations and workshops on the most recent and upcoming developments in the Spring Framework. I am happy to be sharing below some takeaways from the conference.The event kicked off by emphasizing the upcoming changes to Spring Boot 1.4 GA (i.e. General Availability), s
Machine Learning Applied to Revenue Management
The article summarized below was published by Marius Radu in the 44th number of Today Software Magazine. The author’s objectives were to analyze the current state of Machine Learning (ML) software applications from the business and product owners’ perspectives and to provide support to those looking for answers to questions regarding the data volumes and computational power required by ML. Three types of stakeholders can take part in or influence the application development of ML sol
Marketing Through the Digital “Window”
Marketing Through the Digital “Window”. An Enlarged View for 2016
The new year is upon us, with many events already happening. January ended with the launch of the 43rd issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). This issue presents a few short predictions for 2016 as seen by the local IT managers as well as articles covering both technical and general business topics. Our colleague and marketing manager contributed with an article on digital marketing. This outlines the key principles and the perspective from which a business should address brand communication in
Speaker during Embracing Change in IT Conference at Fortech
Embracing Change in IT
Change management was the leitmotiv of the week at Fortech, especially on Thursday and Friday when our „Embracing Change in IT” conference took place. Whether we talk about professional or organizational development, change has become an implicit requirement in our pursuit for excellence. The larger context in which a business operates triggers changes at the organizational level. Further on, these adjustments are transferred as required competencies at the individual level. Given this fact,
Halloween at Fortech
The Celtic celebration of “hallowed evening” or, in common use, Halloween, has visited Fortech and covered it in splendor and horror on October 30th. Creepy faces, awful sweets, spooky decorations, strangers in the offices had drawn the specific atmosphere of “After work horror”. For Halloween, Fortech organized a group contest and involved our colleagues to decorate their offices in the most beautiful, strange or totally spooky way. There were a lot of interesting artistic decorations,
Runners Meet at Faget Tour Fortech
One of the long awaited sportive events of the autumn opened its doors on the morning of 24th of October. On its name “Faget Tour Fortech”, the event attracted over 600 participants at its first edition. The event is the result of a joint effort of three entities: Sports Club “Runners Club”, the Mountain Sports Association, “Rupicapra” and Fortech. Driven by our common passion for a healthy lifestyle we joined hands to build up on initiatives of smaller scale (“Faget Tour” and
Team Academy Students Discovering Fortech
On Friday, October 16, Fortech welcomed a group of 25 international students, from Team Academy, The Netherlands. The purpose of the visit was to provide the participating students with a glimpse into Cluj’s business environment. The international visit is part of an educational curriculum designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young students.Compared to the traditional education path, focused mostly on knowledge accumulation, Team Academy offers students the possibility to define
Pre-employment Training Time
This autumn Fortech hosts 5 Pre-employment Training Programs covering various fields: Mobile (both Android and iOS), ASP.NET, Java, QA Automation and Web. BSC or MSc students/graduates in IT fields are invited to join a 3, 6 or 8 weeks Training Programs, which combine both theoretical and practical components. Trainees have the chance to explore the fundamentals of the chosen programming language and metabolize them throughout the entire course. At the end of the sessions, the luckiest and the m
Mircea Vadan in a discussion. IT Community Support 2015
Fortech proudly supports the local IT community
At Fortech we have a tradition in supporting initiatives and IT events that focus on bringing the IT community together and enhancing learning in this field. We think these are not just simple events but learning environments. Since they focus on the quality of the content and bringing on stage recognized national and international speakers, they became a point of interest for our colleagues and their counterparts from the IT industry. Thus we are happy to support events where our colleagues hav
Fortech – Sponsor at BattleLab Robotica
Chrome Valkyrie, the team sponsored by Fortech, won the second prize at BattleLab Robotica on Saturday, May 9th. Claudiu, Andreea, Filip and Codrin created a strong robot, who thrashed 24 opponents in a sumo battle. Congratulations!    BattleLab Robotica is a contest organized by BEST for all the students from Technical University, Cluj-Napoca and other technical universities in Romania. The goal for each of the competitors was to implement an autonomous sumo robot, able to identify the o