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Enthusiastic Easter Guests at Fortech

Easter Guestst at Fortech

On Thursday, April 9th, before Easter, Fortech received a visit from a group of students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. 35 future programmers, guided by Alexandra Roxana and Ana, our friendly colleagues from the HR department, discovered the Fortech world.

Easter Visitors at Fortech  Students Visiting Fortech headquarter

The students came to our office on Frunzisului Street as a part of the  “Zilele Carierei” (Careers days) event organized by UTCN. After a welcome speech on the ground floor, they were divided into two teams to climb up the Fortech hills. At each floor, they had the opportunity to enter an office at random and to learn about the main activity of the people inside it. They visited software testers and Java.NetMobile and Web programmers and had the chance to see how they work. Furthermore, Alex, Mircea and Alexandra from the product development team told them how important it is to sell the product created by programmers. They introduced the students to their project ( and challenged them to figure out an effective solution to sell it.

Students @ Fortech  Students @ Fortech  Students @ FortechAfter a long discussion and a lot of questions from the students, the group climbed up to the 6th floor – The Fun Room, where several Fortech representatives – Cristi Bujor, Andrei Margineanu and Dragos Rus, our colleagues who have been with Fortech since the beginnings (9-11 years), welcomed them. Cristi gave us a flashback into Fortech’s history, pointing out his student years when he was recruited by Fortech. He took us on a time travel, speaking about Fortech’s growth from a small apartment into a huge building; from having a single client to working for more than 10; from 15 employees to more than 450. Cristi, Andrei and Dragos got into a debate and tried to explain the differences between the most popular technologies: Java, .Net and Mobile, the opportunities given to programmers and their limits. Enthusiastic students asked a lot of questions and seemed to take in the answers provided with great interest.

 Students @ Fortech  Students at Fortech headquarter  Students @ Fortech

Ioana – IT recruiter, our colleague from Fortech’s HR Department, encouraged the students to study hard, especially to set up their knowledge base: OOP, DB and Algorithms and to apply for internships and pre-employment training.

We were happy to meet the students and we look forward to receiving their applications.

Ana Cojuhari

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