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Two New Employer Branding Awards in Fortech’s Collection

The second edition of the Employer Branding Awards Gala brought two significant accomplishments to our team:

  • Third Place for the Employer Brand of the Year for Large Companies and
  • Second Place for The Best Employer Brand Video.

For the second year in a row, we are honored to receive two significant awards at Employer Branding Awards Gala, organized by Evensys and Employer Branding Conference Romania. This year’s competition had over 83 members of the jury and 168 nominations in 16 categories. We are proud to have won a place on the podium among other big brands from different industries in the two most competitive categories with the #StoriesOfCraft campaign we launched last year.

This recognition acknowledges our efforts in creating the thriving, performance-oriented, and inclusive community we are committed to building. These two awards are not only a great and desired achievement but also the result of teamwork among some dedicated, talented, and hardworking people, and it surely motivates us to create even greater campaigns in the future.

About #StoriesOfCraft Campaign

In the autumn of 2021, we launched Fortech’s people promise and employer brand positioning together with the tagline: “Craft & Grow. Together”. Our brand story embodies the essence of Fortech’s culture: a place for software crafters who can build their own paths while helping others grow. More than 70% of our team got involved in the various stages of an extensive research project that represented the groundwork for uncovering the essence of our culture and packaging it into a visual story.

In 2022, we aimed to localize the EVP in our regional offices by putting the spotlight on them. We selected three remarkable stories from our colleagues: Alex Rusu (Brașov), Roxana Palimaru (Iași) and Lucian Torjoc (Oradea). After that, we combined them with an emotional reunion scene with the protagonists of the 2021 campaign: Agota Radoi Riger, Daniel Mocan, Vencel Biro and Csenge Tomita. This is how we created the second part of our ode to the curious and adventurous kids of yesterday, the software crafters of tomorrow.

Our main idea was to extend the key concept of the 2021 video „Craft & Grow. Together.” – the stories of our past that shape our future in a new campaign. We (as software crafters) carry stories with us, from our origin, up to the present. The stories that change the rules and shatter the expectations. The stories that bond us and put us on the same path, no matter where we are coming from.

We find ourselves in stories about the past and we write stories about the future. The future of software development. Stories about #community, #reliability, #perspectives and #empowerment. About our passion for technology. The Fortech’s story.

The main video of the #StoriesOfCraft campaign, awarded with the second place in the Best Employer Brand Video category.

3 stories, 40+ colleagues, over 80 hours of filming, over 1.200 km crossed between all our regional offices, and great teamwork with our production partners – the KOMITI creative agency. This sums up the making of our #StoriesOfCraft Campaign.

Additional to the main video, we created a video story for each protagonist, with a spotlight on the regional office.

The campaign had a great resonance both in our team and in the local community. Our colleagues were extremely proud of seeing their teammates “on the big screen” on social media and on the billboards in Cluj-Napoca, Brașov, Iași, and Oradea.

Samples of the outdoor activation of the #StoriesOfCraft campaign.


#StoriesOfCraft Campaign Through the Protagonists’ Eyes

When I’ve just heard about the #StoriesOfCraft project, my first feeling, being an introvert, was not to participate, but I knew that this might help me evolve. As I learned more about the campaign, I became more and more intrigued about it.

I still remember the first day of filming. I got to the office and there was a whole sea of people there. Colleagues, camera operators, photographers, directors and others. It was an overwhelming feeling in the first phase, but the professionalism of the filming team, as well as the support of colleagues, was a real help.

To describe the whole experience in one word, I would say: Unique. It was such a feeling of fulfillment to see the full video and to remember myself as a child, while reliving my professional path through the “eyes” of the lens. It confirmed that I’m where I need to be, and where I want to be, but it also made me aware of the evolution I’ve had and want to continue growing with Fortech.

Alex Rusu, Mobile Developer



I’m glad that I was part of this campaign. It was an experience that I will never forget. It’s something that you should do once in a lifetime. When I saw the filming team, the scenario and everything, I was scared and wanted to do everything perfectly not to stress the team and the colleagues who came to the office to help us. But when everything got started, with the help of everyone, I became relaxed and started to feel comfortable in the filming context.

When the videos were launched, seeing me in them was strange. I was focusing only on my defects. But after discussing with my friends and colleagues, I’ve started to see the videos with other eyes, to observe the story and the work behind and remember the good times from my adolescence. My friends and colleagues from my previous job wrote to me and sent pictures with banners from the city, congratulating me. I hope that the videos and the campaign will motivate my colleagues to tell their stories and also young people to be curious about technology.

Roxana Palimaru, QA Automation Engineer


The filming experience was fun. Some of the scenes (downtown, for example) made me feel a little embarrassed at the beginning, but after I got used to it, it all worked like a charm. It was a nice experience that I would definitely want to repeat at some point.

Seeing the movie for the first time was an experience with mixed feelings. I was looking forward to seeing it, but I was also kind of embarrassed to see it. I had never seen myself in a professionally edited movie and I really liked it. I got a lot of feedback from friends and acquaintances from Oradea, from Romania but also from abroad, people who have seen it on social media. Overall, it was a good experience and a good feeling to experience this whole thing.

Lucian Torjoc, Java Architect


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