VreauCeva – product support

VreauCeva – product support

What is a TASK?
A TASK is an announcement in which the user describes the service (s)he needs.

What types of services apply to the TASKS section?
One can create tasks for the available categories and other types of tasks in the Others category. When adding a task users must make sure the task meets the criteria specified in the terms of use of the site.

What is an OFFER?
An offer is an announcement that describes the service that the user can offer for the published TASK.

What steps should be followed to access full functionality provided by platform
1. Register in the system
2. Identify the category of tasks you are interested in
3. Add a task or consult a task within that category and submit offers
4. Check your notifications periodically. The Notifications section lists messages all your offers and the comments received for your tasks and comments submitted by users interested in your offers.

Hints on how to create a task that is attractive to bidders.
A short, to the point, well thought and written title will be shown in the list of tasks, attracting thus the attention of bidders and increasing the likelihood that the work is noticed by them.
The description can bring offers, so it should include all the information users need to decide if the tasks is worth bidding on.
The language of the task’s title and description really matters. Short, simple and clear sentences, written in plain language will have better results than those with sophisticated language, rich in jargon and acronyms.

Avoid personal interpretations and vulgar words. Capitalized words are interpreted as threatening in the online environment, so it is inappropriate to use the Caps Lock key when editing your announcement.

How much does it take until a newly posted announcement is displayed?
Announcements are published instantly but can be deleted by the moderator if they do not conform to the site’s rules.

What happens when a task is rejected by the moderator?
A task rejected by moderator for non-compliance with the terms of use may be modified and resubmitted for publication by its author.

How can a bidded find tasks that match her skills ?
A user can find tasks that suit her profile using the search section of the website or by browsing the activities in the appropriate categories.
Alternatively, we encourage users to set in their profiles the categories and areas of interest for them. By doing so, they can get email notification for each new task in their areas of interest.

How can a user contact the person who added a task (s)he wishes to bid on or who made an offer for their task?
The user can contact that the person by phone, if it is made public in the task. Alternatively, the person can be contacted anytime via the comments section of the task.

Are there any guarantees that all the published announcements are accurate?
We cant offer this guarantee because we have no way to check the accuracy of the data published by users of the site.

What measures are taken against users' lack of seriousness and false advertisers?
We can only verify the accuracy of the announcements using clear evidence provided by the site's users. If we get such evidence we either request the guilty user to change their behavior or disable their account, depending on how serious the offense is.

How can a user interested in announcement (TASK or OFFER) find if the owner of that announcement is reliable?
The user can open the profile of the announcement’s author to to assess their credibility and experience. We encourage registered users to make their profiles as detailed and accurate as possible if they wish to get results on the site.

How can users provide feedback to the users they interact with on the vreau-ceva platform?
A user can rate users (s)he gets in contact in the recommendations section of the users’ profiles. This feedback Feedbak in the form of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down can only be provided to users one has worked with (who solved a task for the user or for whom the user solved a task).

How can one report a user or an announcement?
One can report a user or content that (s)he considers inappropriate via the form from the offers and comments section.

Who has access to the personal data published by a user on this site?
User data is handled by the site
s administrator, who has the right to use it just to provide the service in optimal conditions. Detailed information on the protection of personal data is available in Terms of Use.