Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development that Gives You the Edge

Learning Your Business

Your questions and pains are our number one priority. We will listen to you carefully to find out what business areas you think need improvements. You might be concerned about issues that streamline communication, such as data sharing within a certain group or the entire company or about server security. Getting to know you and your business is the first step we take in any professional relationship we build. While your needs and worries might sound familiar, they always come with some details that make them unique. Something as simple as placing a button on a website on the left rather than on the right, where it is found on most of the sites, can make a huge difference for you. We will address all your ”What If’s” in a professional manner and deliver a fully unique experience, tailored to meet your exact needs.

Custom Software that Addresses Real Business Issues

The flood of information we are all facing today can only get worse in time. Data security, monitoring people and merchandise or sharing information are only a few of the issues we deal with in a world of ever increasing complexity. The off-the-shelf software applications or expensive customizable solutions from the likes of Oracle or IBM can often take you far enough, but there are situations when customizing these stock size solutions takes more effort than building a tailor-made one from scratch. The Fortech specialists have all the expertise and know-how required to help you with such a project, from requirement definition to support and maintenance.

Get a Lasting Competitive Edge with Our Carefully Crafted Custom Software!

We have more than 12 years of experience in providing custom software development services that cover all phases of the software development process:

  • Analysis & Requirements Definition
  • Architecture & Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance

Technical Consultancy

Based on the extensive experience of our software engineers, we are also able to provide technical consultancy and support in the following areas:

  • Feasibility studies for software systems
  • Conceptualization of software systems
  • Application design
  • Process optimization through IT customized solutions

Capabilities and Expertise

Our current team of over 550 software developers is highly experienced in a large variety of technologies, types of applications and project approaches. Their technical expertise includes the following main areas:

Software Development from Cluj-Napoca, a Major IT Hub in Romania

There are multiple reasons to outsource your software development projects to Romania in general and to Cluj-Napoca in particular. These are well illustrated in several of our blog articles:

How to Choose the Right Software Vendors in Romania

A quick Google search with terms like “software vendors Romania”, “software vendor Romania”, “software companies Romania”, “software company Romania” or “software outsourcing Romania” bring up countless Romanian software vendors. All these companies try to lure you with highly skilled, creative and reliable specialists that are fluent in English. Some of these software services providers may by right for you, while others could prove a far cry off. The bigger the company the better its processes, including recruitment. Mid sized and big software houses tend to offer better work environments and benefits than their small counterparts. Contrary to what some may believe, software developers rank continuity and stability as important factors when choosing their employers.
To minimize your risks put the following aspects in the balance:

  • the type of cooperation you seek (one time, small project versus long term partnership, with projects that can range from small to large). For long term partnerships make sure you do a thorough check of all the shortlisted providers. Request references from the companies that seem the best matches and make sure you pay them a visit. The bigger your investment in software outsourcing the more attention you should pay to your potential partner’s processes, location and work environment;
  • the level of expertise of the software developers you wish to get from your outsourcing partner. If you need mostly experienced specialists added to your team, small software companies in Romania might not be the answer. The typical distribution of seniors to mid level to junior developers you would find at a healthy Romanian software vendor is 2 to 3 to 5, which means only big companies can take your request into consideration. If a small one promises to meet it, make sure you put the developers they propose to the test;
  • the project’s deadline. If it is very tight and small, mid sized and big companies would most likely show interest only if they have quite a few people idle. The more specialists a company has on the bench at one given time the more suspicious I would be of its quality standards.

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Get a strong and lasting competitive edge with our carefully crafted custom solutions!