Account Info and Payments Platform Using Open Banking APIs

Open Banking API Platform that Facilitates Payment Initiation


  • Universal Open Banking API platform providing access to account information and facilitating payment initiation.
  • The platform is developed by following strict security practices and is 100% regulatory compliant with the EU directives for financial services.
  • As a reliable technology partner, Fortech helps develop the platform by scaling up their engineering team, while supporting the client in their global expansion.

Team Size: 6+ People

Duration: 1,5 Years (Ongoing)

Technologies: .NET Core, gRPC, Grafana, Kibana

Services: Software Development


The solution is a platform that integrates open banking APIs and provides clients with an easy and secure way to access account information from financial institutions and initiate payments.

At the same time, it provides financial companies with a consistent and easy-to-use toolkit and enables them to build modern and regulatory compliant financial applications.


The client is a fintech company that leverages Open Banking to facilitate the integration of APIs by Third Party Providers (TPPs). When we started the collaboration, the client was looking for a software company experienced in software development for the financial sector to help scale up their engineering teams fast.

Starting with a group of senior software engineers, our teams fully integrated into their development environment. In just 6 months, we doubled the size of the initial team.

Fortech is thus a significant part of the client’s team, a truly reliable technology partner. The goal of our partnership is to develop and fuel the global scaling of the API platform.

Client Benefits

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