Author: Alexandra Nechita

This article was written by Irina, Microsoft Certified .NET developer working with REST API in ASP.NET Core. To learn more about our know-how and offering in .NET development, see our Custom .NET Development Services. ASP.NET developers using REST APIs are usually split into 2 categories: the ones that say they work with REST APIs and the ones that claim they are building REST APIs. I am somewhere between them for now, so I say I work with “RESTful-ish” APIs. To better understand REST API an
International Mathematical Olympiad
Fortech is Special Partner at the International Mathematical Olympiad, 2018 Edition
Fortech supports the 59th edition of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) as a Special Partner. The competition is organized in Cluj-Napoca, from 3rd to 14th of July, by the Minister of National Education, the Romanian Society of Mathematics in partnership with Cluj’s local authorities, Babes-Bolyai University and Technical University Cluj-Napoca.Brown Carpathian Bear, the mascot of IMO 2018. Photo Credits: IMO   The 59th edition of the IMO is the first edition organized in
Fortech Becomes Platinum Partner for Save the Children Romania
Building on our tradition of investing in education projects, at the end of this year Fortech became Platinum Partner at one of the biggest charity events in Romania – “The Christmas Tree Festival”, organized by the “Save the Children Romania” Organization. Its mission is to support the education of the children in economically disadvantaged circumstances.Photo credits: Save the Children Romania   Running for 17 editions now, the “The Christmas Tree Festival”, organized
Qt World Summit
Insights from Qt World Summit – Berlin, 2017
Between the 10th and 12th of October, the Qt World Summit was for the third time on our radar. I was glad to be once again among the delegation of Fortech representatives at the event, along with two of my colleagues – the head of IoT Department and one of the Qt lead developers in Fortech. This year, the event returned to its traditional location – the bcc (Berlin Congress Center) in Berlin, after being held in San Francisco last year. Qt WS is the most important yearly event in the Qt
Volteem App
Volteem – Volunteers Can Change the World!
Volteem is an application that enhances and facilitates the collaboration between volunteers and NGOs. The idea for creating the application emerged when a team of five passionate high-school students – The Happy Coders – came together as part of the educational program “Discover Your Call in IT”. From there and until the end of the program, they developed an advanced Android prototype of the app, while gaining both technical know-how and soft skills. Ranked 1st in the program’s en
Fortech Joined Codecamp Iasi, Autumn Edition 2017
Fortech joined Codecamp Iasi this year again with a workshop on code dependency and a creative booth that attracted the attention of the participants. On 28th October Fortech was part of Codecamp Iasi as a Diamond Partner. Over 500 participants visited our booth, interacting with our colleagues and winning personalized prizes.This year edition of Codecamp Iasi took place at International Hotel Iasi, gathering over 65 IT companies and communities and around 1.800 participants. From enthusiastic
Volteem Wins the 3rd Edition of “Discover Your Call in IT”
The Happy Coders Team, mentored by Fortech engineers, wins the 3rd edition of the educational program “Discover Your Call in IT”, with their Volteem application, designed to ease the NGO’s efforts in recruiting volunteers. On October 26th, high school students, mentors, teachers and IT companies’ representatives gathered in the Aula Magna of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration to celebrate the closing ceremony of the 3rd edition of the “Discover Your Call in IT” program.
Fortech is Returning to Qt World Summit
Fortech is getting back in the lineup at the Qt World Summit. The event is taking place on October 10-12 in Berlin, Germany. Recognized as a reference opportunity for the global Qt community, the event gathers leading technology innovators, developers and engineers, business decision makers and product managers to share Qt related insights, upcoming releases and their perspectives about the future of software with Qt.Built around the theme “Build for Tomorrow – Deliver Today”, this year&
Smart Parking
Smart Parking – IoT Perspectives
The pioneering of smart parking Using the disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field to detect the presence of a vehicle is not a new concept. More than five decades ago, Koerner and Brickner imagined a system where this kind of information can be obtained, centralized and processed. Two use cases of the pioneers in this field, namely parking management and traffic control, appeared to have a high potential and be adopted on a large scale. Considering that the number of cars was 10 times smalle
Fortech Hosts the Monthly Project Management Meeting
Over 80 participants joined PMI Romania Chapter Monthly Meeting hosted by Fortech on 12th of September. The event is a closed one and is organized every month by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Romania Chapter in partnership with a local IT company. September was Fortech’s turn and two of our Unit Managers initiated a conversation in the PMI community about the responsibilities of a project manager (PM) when it comes to sales.Under „Put Your Sales Hat On” slogan, the event reunite
Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection (DI) or no Dependency Injection in the .NET Framework
In .NET development, we often hear the terms Inversion of Control or Dependency Injection used interchangeably, which is normal considering they refer to the same thing. Inversion of Control is a programming style where a framework or runtime controls the program flow. It was first brought into discussion in Designing Reusable Classes, published by the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming in 1988.  It’s like saying that your car is special because it has wheels. Later, Inversion of control