Leadership Team

Calin Vaduva

Chief Executive Officer

Ana Silvia Banabic

President of Investments

Marius Vanca

President of Software Services

Mihai Calinici

President of Business Management Center

Dan Petric

President of Governance & Compliance

Olivian Daniel Tofan

President of R&D and Technical Expertise

Teodora Bocsa

VP of Finance

Alexandra Achim

VP of Human Resources

Florian Rada

VP of IT, Security & Facility

Suneel Sharma

VP of Engineering

Valentin Filip

VP of Product Investments

Management Team

Monica Bologa

Director of Engineering

Bogdan Antoniu

Director of Engineering

Claudiu Faur

Director of Engineering

Cosmin Ghita

Director of Engineering

Cristian Bujor

Director of Engineering

Dragos Rus

Director of Engineering

Ioan Domsa

Director of Engineering

Bogdan Budeanu

Director of Engineering

Ioan Zeng

Director of Education Department

Gheorghe Manzat

Director of R&D Department

Augustin Onaciu

Growth Manager (Automotive Sales Pod)

Andrei Margineanu

Growth Manager (Financial Sales Pod)

Oana Oros

Growth Manager (Healthcare Sales Pod)

Roxana Moldovan

Growth Manager (Manufacturing Sales Pod)

Christina Gurgu

Growth Manager (Professional Services Sales Pod)

Cristian Baciu

Growth Manager (Media and Communications Sales Pod)

Andreea Buza

Marketing Manager