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User Stories in Product Development
How To Create User Stories in Agile Product Development
With more and more software products on the market and the vast palette of options they offer, customers tend to focus more on quality and on using only the products that can meet their needs fast. Customer development, time-to-market and quality are becoming crucial in the process of developing a successful software product. In this context, developing a software product with the customer in mind has never been more critical for the success of a startup or established product company. From the
Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development
Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development
While the software outsourcing field gets richer in achievements with each passing day, own product development is almost virgin ground in Cluj-Napoca, where about 80% of the IT companies do only outsourcing. These two types of activities differ greatly from the core up, the main differentiating factor being their business model. While each of the two models work based on inputs, outputs and work processes, taking a close look at each of these components reveals major differences.In an outsour
Seed For Tech Workshop
Seed For Tech Launch
We are glad to announce Seed For Tech, a new way of getting involved in product development. The level of stability and maturity we reached gives us the chance to explore this direction more steadily. Seed For Tech, our latest initiative in product development, comes as a natural addition to Bake It. Why Seed For Tech? Humanity has done pretty amazing things so far to keep up with human desires and needs, which never cease to diversify. We devised Seed For Tech to alleviate mankind’s constant