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Quality Assurance Outsourcing Romania
Why Quality Assurance Outsourcing in Romania
Fortech understands the importance of quality assurance in all the phases of the software development process and, regardless of the project’s complexity, can meet your needs. Our team of QA engineers comprises over 150 specialists, 70% of them ISTQB certified. See Fortech’s QA Services. Quality assurance outsourcing has grown in popularity in the past decade. Whether clients contract quality assurance as a stand-alone service or integrate software development teams with QA specialists, qual
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IT Outsourcing – the Fastest Growing Sector in Romania
IT outsourcing is a big industry expanding at a fast rate, and according to statistics, the value of the outsourcing sector is equivalent to Austria’s, Norway’s or Argentina`s GDP. It is supposed that this sector will reach $450 billion in revenues by the end of 2015. This estimated revenue is based on the fact that governments offer incentives to private businesses in emerging markets to develop software outsourcing capabilities and thus promote local economic growth and attract foreign inv
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Fortech’s CEO Speaks about Romania’s Perspectives in Software Outsourcing
Calin Vaduva, our CEO, believes that investing in the young generation of IT specialists will help Romania remain a top destination for software outsourcing for many years to come. In his brief intervention in the “IT outsourcing: As Romania vies to be the new India, can the country keep up?” article published recently on, Mr. Vaduva mentioned that reaching out to high school students will convince some of the undecided ones to get a college degree in a technical field and
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Perspectives of the Romanian IT – Today Software Magazine article
Ovidiu Simionica shared his thoughts on the present and future of the Romanian IT in the “Romanian IT quo vadis” article published in the 25th issue of Today Software Magazine. According to Ovidiu, making the high volume business of software outsourcing profitable requires the use of special tools. Just applying the ISO standards to software development cannot help, since coding has nothing in common with highly predictable businesses like cheese manufacturing. Ovidiu considers work
Guide to outsourcing Romania
Outsourcing Guide Romania Sponsorship
Studies about the outsourcing sector in Romania and its neighboring countries are scarce and sometimes unreliable, while the data they provide often comes in an unstructured format and has little value as a basis for decision making regarding outsourcing to Romania. As little doubt existed this gap had to be filled, Fortech supported the German Outsourcing Association‘s initiative to publish Outsourcing Guide Romania, a material aimed at helping decision makers understand what to expect fr
Romania business enviornment
The Business Environment in Romania
Encouraging economic forecasts keep the spirits high for Romanian providers of Software outsourcing services The Romanian economy followed a positive trend lately, as illustrated by the increase in GDP (0.7% in 2012, 2.4% in 2013, and forecasted values of 2.8% for 2014 and 3.5 for 2015) and the decrease in budget deficit (from 1.3% in 2013 to a forecasted value of 0.9% for 2014). All the macroeconomic indicators reflect a stable and healthy economic environment, with growth perspectives that exc